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Terms and Conditions

We undertake to do the best job possible for our customers for a quoted price. That is our commitment to you.


Sapper Sweeps operate on an a.m or p.m appointment basis. Due to the nature of chimney related work we cannot be held liable for late arrival due to potential problems with preceeding jobs and/or traffic conditions and wherever possible we will contact the customer to advice of delays.  If this inconveniences the customer then the appointment time can be re-arranged.

Sapper Sweeps operate on a paid on completion basis. The sweeping certificate will not be issued until payment is made. We accept cash, card payment or bank transfer.

Returned cheques carry a £20 administration fee which is added to the Sapper Sweeps customers original bill.


If Sapper Sweeps is carrying out work on a rental property via the estate/letting agency, the contract is between Sapper Sweeps and the estate/letting agency. Therefore the estate/letting agency will pay the invoice. If the landlord refuses to pay, then that is between the estate/letting agency and the landlord.


We understand that our customers have busy lives too. If you have to change or cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible. We have allocated time in our day specifically for you and late notice cancellation may mean we cannot rebook.  We may have turned away other customers if we have a full day.  We reserve the right to charge a fee in the event that no-one is home when we attend the property and, and/or we cannot gain access.  We also reserve the right to charge in the event of a last-minute cancellation, (less than a full 48 ours notice).


Parking and Access. We require safe and legal parking and access. On arranging the appointment the customer is to confirm the situation and advise us accordingly. In situations where Sapper Sweeps has to pay for parking, the parking fee will be charged to the customer. If on arriving at the property and we are unable to park safely or legally, or at a sensible distance from the property, then Sapper Sweeps has the right to cancel the appointment and the customer will be liable for a call out charge. Please ensure that we have adequate access to the appliance carry out the work.


Payment of goods supplied by Sapper Sweeps to a customer are payable in advance. Any goods supplied by Sapper Sweeps and not paid for by the customer remain the property of Sapper Sweeps. It is agreed that Sapper Sweeps, at their discretion may remove any unpaid materials or goods from a customer’s site should an account remain unpaid.

Sapper Sweeps operate a business that expects payment on the day of completion. Any unpaid work completed will be subject to an added administration fee of £20 to cover each late invoice and statement or letter.


Sapper Sweeps require the site supplied by the customer to be safe to work in. It is the customers responsibility remove breakable and precious objects from work areas, provide a safe means of electrical supply for the Sweeps equipment to connect too.

Chimney sweeping and inspection carried out by Sapper Sweeps is done so with the utmost care however Sapper Sweeps can not be held responsible for objects dislodged or unsettled either inside or outside of the chimney during any works.


On full payment of all works Sapper Sweeps will issue paid invoices on request and issue relevant industry documentation.


In the event of Sapper Sweeps being unable to sweep a chimney or carry out associated works due to an industry recognised safety issue it is deemed as accepted by the customer that Sapper Sweeps be paid a call out fee of £30.


We are unable to remove live nests in May to August when Jackdaws are nesting as it is illegal to do so (please see the RSPB guidelines). If we find a nest in the chimney when we are sweeping, we will usually arrange to come back to remove it when it is legal to do so. Please do not ask us, or any other person, to break the law and remove the nest when it is illegal as this can involve a very large fine to you (the customer) and to the person removing the nest. We will make a charge for our time if we cannot sweep, (this will be half the agreed sweep cost).


Sapper Sweeps undertake servicing solid fuel appliances, the fire brick panels are often made of a very soft and fragile material. Sapper Sweeps can not be held responsible for cracked bricks or panels that have been subject to high temperatures during normal day to day usage of the appliance and these cracks are often invisible until a section is removed. These parts are a service issue and require to be replaced from time to time.


All soot is classified as household waste and the customers waste disposal bin will be used to place bagged up soot that Sapper Sweeps has removed from the chimney of the customer's home. If you require sapper sweeps to take your waste soot, then this becomes commercial waste which a license is needed and a subsequent charge of £30 is required for the disposal.


Sapper Sweeps will take all measures to adequately protect the property from dirt, soot and equipment. Fireplaces will be completely covered. All walkways will be sheeted. Sapper Sweeps cannot be held responsible in the event of dirt/soot escaping the protective covering, due to the abnormalities/ill-fitting fire places/surrounds, and incorrectly fitted parts of the stove installation (stove, vit pipe, register/closure plate and flue) Sapper Sweeps take every care when sweeping chimneys with bird guards fitted or other terminals. We cannot be held responsible in the event of a bird guard, terminal or chimney pot being disturbed and falling off, due to not being fitted correctly and/or deteriorated (and subsequent damage) to roof tiles and other parts of the property and/or belongings such as garden furniture, vehicles when sweeping takes place. If the chimney pot /stack is disturbed during sweeping it is not considered ‘fit for purpose’ and Sapper Sweeps cannot be held responsible.



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