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When should I get my stove/ fire place serviced and swept?

Naturally most people decide to get their stove/fireplace swept when the weather starts getting cold and they start to use it for the first time in several months.

For most, this is fine, if they have been burning correctly and have been getting their chimney swept regularly. But, if something is wrong and it needs repairing then the stove / fireplace will not be able to be used until any remedial work has been carried out, and the waiting time during the winter months can be quite long.

Having your chimney swept in the warmer months, (late spring/ summer time), gives you time to get any potential repair work done quicker. So when the colder nights begin to set in, you know that you are safe to use your stove/fireplace straight away and not have to wait for any repair work or potential problems that might arise and stop you using your stove/fireplace safely.

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